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Know the function of the pelvic renal and diseases that can attack it

Renal pelvis or renal pelvis is a funnel-shaped chamber located inside the kidney and plays an important role in the process of collecting and removing urine. The renal pelvis consists of two parts. A number of diseases can attack this area, which can cause interference with its function. Urine is the result of blood filtering carried out by the kidneys. After being produced, urine will pass through a number of parts, namely the renal pelvis, ureter, bladder, and excreted through the urethra during urination. Get to know the functions of the pelvic renalis and their parts The renal pelvis is a space of about 0.4-1 cm in diameter with funnel-shaped branches located in the kidney. This area is directly related to the upper part of the kidney and ureter connecting channels. The function of the renal pelvis is as a temporary urine container, after being produced by the kidney filtration area (nephron), this urine will then flow into the ureter and be discharged out of the body. The
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Recognize the Characteristics of Heavy Stress and How to Overcome It

Severe stress can occur if a person experiences excessive mental or emotional stress. However, not everyone can immediately realize that he is suffering from severe stress. This condition can be detected and treated immediately, we need to recognize what are the characteristics of severe stress. Severe stress can be caused by a variety of things, ranging from work burdens, family problems, loss of loved ones, suffering from certain illnesses, divorced, job loss, to being in debt. Characteristics of Heavy Stress Severe stress can affect various aspects of life, ranging from emotions, behavior, thinking ability, to health. Before causing wider problems, it is important to recognize the characteristics of severe stress so that this condition can be treated immediately. The characteristics of a person experiencing severe stress include: Easily agitated, feel frustrated, and often look depressed. Easily offended. Feeling himself unkind and worthless, and feeling so depressed. Can

Understanding the Role of the Heart Muscle and the Diseases That Haunt it

The heart is a vital organ in the human body whose job is to pump blood throughout the body. So that the process of blood circulation in the body can run optimally, it needs assistance from the heart muscle to carry out its functions. The heart muscle is a constituent of the heart wall and has the function to pump blood, both to the heart and vice versa, so that blood circulation occurs. In the heart, there are special nerves that play a role in regulating the uniform rhythm of the heartbeat so that the function of the heart pump in maintaining blood circulation can run properly. In general, the heart muscle has the ability to contract similar to skeletal muscle. But in the heart, these muscle cells work together with the heart's nerve tissue to support the process of contraction of the heart's organs on a regular basis. Unlike skeletal muscle that can be consciously controlled, the heart muscle will continue to work automatically, this is the main differentiator with stria